TrendExpress With Theolar: “A Bit Of Difference”

Hello Trendite,

Welcome to another edition of TrendExpress with Theolar. APRIL is the Month to appreciate “your Bit of Difference”.

Humans uniqueness makes us Special, Different and sometimes difficult. Diverse personalities, shapes, faces e.t.c makes us special in our forms. Ever wonder why you act, look or think the way you do, it’s because you are Different. That “Bit of Difference” makes the Whole You. The Whole You is characterized by your personality, beliefs, shape and face.

Body shaming is very common in this part of the world, mainly because we place our focus on physical characteristics. You get comments like “you’re Extra, you’re skinny, you’re cute for a dark girl”. No, you’re CUTE, period. No Conditions Apply! The Holy book affirms that “we’re beautifully, fearfully and wonderfully Made”, whether too skinny or Extra.

The Good News!! The Whole You isn’t centered just on your physical features, it goes way deeper than just the surface. It is an expression of your Difference, that defines the way you act, think and talk. You’re free to have a different thoughts and view opinions, Your Voice and thought can change Everything. Make a move today, your “Bit of difference” can spice up the world. I’ve pretty tiny voice and my words often come out as a Whisper. Lol. But I’ve come to accept it over the years and use it to my advantage.

So, Celebrate and explore your Bit Of Difference.
Be your Own Kind Of Beautiful.

Step Out not Walk Out ✌

XoXo 💋


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