Actress Beverly Osu reveals most women fake orgasm

Popular Nigerian actress and model, Beverly Osu has offered a bit of piece advice to her fellow women.

According to the former Big Brother Nigeria star, ladies should desist from faking orgasm to make their partners feel good.

She indicated that ladies should be blunt with their partners and teach them how to explore their body in order to reach ‘real’ orgasm during sex.

Beverly Osu also advised men to learn how to explore the body of their partners because sex is supposed to be a pleasure for both parties.

“So 99% of women have faked an orgasm and still fake an orgasm. I think it’s high time we start telling our partners that baby, this is how you explore my body. These are the dos and don’t for this body.

“There is no need to fake it. Men, learn how to understand your woman’s body. Sex is not only meant to be enjoyed by men and endured by women”.

Beverly Osu said.

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