Controversial American rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine has took to his Instagram account to share a new track of his new album featuring Senegalese born American singer, Akon.

The rapper shared a preview of the track off his new album and the track is a remix of Akon’s 2004 breakout single “Locked Up” featuring Akon himself.

In the video clip posted to Tekashi’s Instagram page, he and Akon appear to be in a home studio listening to the new version they created.

The Brooklyn rapper-federal informant captioned the clip, “100,000 comments if you want this, LOCKED UP PART 2 IM ON ALBUM MODE THIS ALBUM GOING CRAZYYYYYYY @akon.”

The collab is not totally surprising, considering Akon defended 6ix9ine snitching on his former associates in the Nine Trey Gangsta Blood gang back in April. He also said he would like to work with the polarizing rhymer.

“I’ma feature on that record,” Akon told DJ Whoo Kid when asked if he would listen to Tekashi’s new album. “Matter fact, I’m about to call Tekashi right now and say, ‘Yo, T, what we doin’? I’m ‘bout to get on that record. Listen, I’m me, nigga. You can’t beat me up. I’m getting on that record.’ That record probably be the hottest record that drop this year because of all that…Just think about all that surrounded this record. Even if you don’t like him. You gon’ get it, download it, out of curiosity.”

It looks like Akon stayed true to his word.

6ix9ne has been teasing a follow-up single to “Gooba” for a few weeks. Last week, he said he was delaying the release out of respect for Gorge Floyd protests.

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