Tanzania actress, Wema Sepetu recount her experience while dating singer, Diamond Platnumz – Disclosed what she misses most about him

Popular Tanzanian actress, Wema Sepetu has recounted her alleged experience while dating multi-award winning music star, Diamond Platnumz.

The duo dated about a decade ago and went their separate ways in 2014.

While the singer music career was just getting started at that time, Wema Sepetu on the other hand was the most sought after Tanzanian actress at that point in time.

The actress in an interview with Ijumaa Wikienda has disclosed that one thing she misses about dating the music star was how he used to “beat her up”. Wema added that she loved it because he gave her attention thereafter.

She said;

“He would beat me up thoroughly.

“Ironically, I loved it when he battered me, I just don’t know why that was the case. But, I remember he would pamper me after assaulting me, and, I think I loved it because he’d give me attention after the battering. Honestly speaking, I miss being beaten up by him, a lot.

“I remember there was a day he saw a suggestive message on my phone. Out of anger, he gave me a hard slap on the cheek. My siblings came to know that I was a victim of domestic abuse. They pleaded with me to leave him, but I told them that they should leave me alone as I was enjoying being beaten up by him.”

In a 2016 interview on Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto Show, Diamond Platnumz disclosed that there was no woman he had loved more than Wema Sepetu.

He said at that time;

“I loved her so much that at times when I felt I was going to lose her to another man, I would cry over her.”

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