Actor Williams Uchemba narrates his yahoo yahoo days experience (Watch video)

Nollywood actor and comedian, Williams Uchemba in a shared new video on his Instagram page narrates his experience while trying be successful.

In the video, he admonished Nigerians to be upright and avoid criminal activities that can mar the country’s image as he shared emotional and inspirational stories, citing himself as an example.

The actor, who became more popular after starring in AY’s Merry Men 2, has been one of the most successful new stars in the showbiz world this year. In the video shared by him, he shared experience of many years ago, when a friend of his almost lured him into starting cybercrime, otherwise known as Yahoo Yahoo.

Uchemba said:

“Young people listen to me, especially those of you who are thinking of considering fraud. The reason why you’re going through what you’re going through is that you don’t want to pay the price. There is a price for success. People asked me what did I do with the laptop I was about to use for fraud, yes, I donated it to the church.

“There was a building project going on in the church, so I sowed the laptop and said use the money to build church. I knew I was going to be rich, but there was a problem with my foundation, and that is what I want to draw your attention to. Most of you have seen what God wants to do with you, even most of these people doing fraud know. Even if you go to a ‘Babalawo’, if you don’t have a destiny, they will tell you it won’t work for you. These people see your star, they know you will be rich in life. The devil doesn’t build something on anything…

“Before you go into anything, think about it and check the Bible. How come we believe what the babalawo says to the last letter or what the president says, but what the Creator of the universe says about you in the Bible you find it hard to believe? The Bible is like a manual given to you by the manufacturer to understand a product and use it better. We are the products. God is the manufacturer while the Bible is the manual. You cannot throw away the manual for life and expect to understand life.”

Watch video below:-

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