Reality star, Kim Kardashian breaks the silence about Kanye mental health

Controversial reality star and wife of rapper, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has finally come out and comment on the mental health of his husband, Kanye West.

The reality star, took to her Instagram page to clear the air over several allegations made by Kanye and how he is been struggling with his mental health issue.

Kim also reveals how they have been trying to help Kanye seek help over his unstable mental issue but to no avail. The reality has hereby plead with the public to have empathy on the rapper and bear with them at this down time.

Recall earlier on, Kanye West took to his Twitter page to call out Kim and her mother over trying to lock him up with doctors and also revealed he has been trying to divorce his wife after she alleged met with rapper Meek Mill to discuss prison reform.

Read Kim statement concerning the whole Kanye West mental health problem below;

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